We have a small but significant team of real estate professionals eager to serve you.  Unlike other agencies, our agents are not freelancing associates (100% commission based) but employed consultants (salary+commission) with experience and specially selected to assist you.  Whether you are thinking to sell, buy, lease out or rent, feel free to have a chat with us!


We have 2 key goals in serving our sellers. The first is to achieve the highest possible sales value while the second is to protect the privacy of our clients so that they will have the lease disruption to their day to day living. Therefore we prefer to design a plan to suit each owner and property. After all, each property is different and each homeowner is unique. And we based these plans on 3 key values that have consistently yield good results for our clients.

  • Compelling Promotion

We do not just advertise in all the available media. But often we will spend extra advertising dollars to give our clients’ listing an edge over others. Call us and we’ll show you some of the things we have done for our clients.

  • Careful Pricing

To achieve sales above the current valuation, we need to price the property carefully. This requires an accurate market valuation and a good understand of the property’s unique points. And that’s why when we market a property we are very focused on it!

  • Confident Presentation

Our presentation starts the moment the potential buyer calls through the phone. From the phone call to viewing to negotiation, every effort is focused on bringing the best of the property to meet the needs of the buyer!

Whether you are serious or curious about selling your property, call us today at 9842-2233 or email us at daniel@reddot.com.sg and we’ll gladly share with you more tips on how to get the best price for your property!


Over the years we have also developed a Reddot Buyers’ Program based on the following.

  • Time Saving ‘Homesearch’

After an initial discussion with buyers, we will arrange a ‘homesearch’ for them. Often many buyers spent a lot of time arranging for viewings. We save their time by arranging 4-5 relevant viewings within 2 hours. Everything will be organized for the buyer so that all they had to do is simply turn up!

  • Transparent Analysis Of Properties

We provide our buyers with current analysis of each property to help them plan their finances and most importantly, ensuring that they get a good deal!

  • Thoughtful Consideration of Your Requirements

We do not just match buyers with properties that we market but also with properties from other agents. Because we want to match the right property with the buyers’ requirements and not looking for a quick sale!

Whether you are a novice or experienced buyer, call us at 9842-2233 or email us at daniel@reddot.com.sg today and we’ll show you some good properties not to be missed!